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Tom Player Composes For IKEA Ad Trilogy

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Films, TV shows and their soundtracks to look forward to this week.


Tom Player of Lost Track Productions is a bit of a legend when it comes to TV ad music. Having previously underscored ads for Boots, Argos, Sky Sports and Hovis, it's no surprise to hear his music in IKEA's latest TV ad trilogy.

Since August, IKEA has released three ads musically accompanied by Tom Player's track 'Aisles of Wonder'. The track was composed bespoke, specifically for the series. The most recent ad, 'Rocking Room', follows a distressed father utilising a rocking chair to send his baby back to sleep. This calm story dramatically differs from the high energy of its 'Spinning Cups' counterpart. However, the music somehow still works.

Whether its the mischievous pizzicato Waltz rhythm or the lavish climactic crescendo, there is no doubt that this music has become the sound of IKEA, no matter the setting.

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