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McVitie’s: proving ads and bespoke music are sweeter together

Luis Almau of Soundtree Music worked closely with directors to compose bespoke music for McVitie’s latest animated advert for their ‘Sweeter Together’ campaign.


McVitie’s latest advert takes form as a Pixar short-esque animation following the story of a crane driver who misses out on the biscuits being shared out among colleagues on the ground.

The accompanying music is a bespoke composition by Luis Almau of Soundtree Music. Taking an approach similar to composing for film, Almau worked closely with the directors of the ad from the early stages of animation in order to tie-in musical cues with the narrative. The choice of instrumentation married with a melody that mirrors the character’s emotions truly brings the short to life, something frankly unachievable with the use of ready-made music.

It’s great that occasionally companies go through the effort to obtain high quality bespoke music which can perfectly match the visuals. This is something which could happen more often if companies weren’t so obsessed with the risk of over-expenditure and therefore rely on royalty-free music libraries. High quality bespoke music can be written in a short amount of time (especially for something as short as a TV ad) and would not only improve the quality of music we hear on our TVs, but would also provide budding composers more prospects and opportunities to showcase their work. Perhaps then film makers would be more willing to hire lesser-known composers.

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