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Ludwig Göransson scores Marvel’s Venom

Ludwig Göransson continues his streak of scoring heroes by taking on the symbiotic beast that is Venom.


Tom Hardy has returned, but has moved franchises to become Marvel’s Eddie Brock in Venom (2018). To accompany the latest anti-hero film, director Ruben Fleischer employed fan favourite Ludwig Göransson. Having already scored such films as Black Panther (2018) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Göransson is no stranger to composing accompaniment for superhero films.

In his latest venture, Göransson employs his signature concoction of gritty synths and orchestral instruments to portray the captivating yet unnerving atmosphere. In this case, the grumbling synths also work well to mirror Venom’s gooey amorphous form.

Differing from standard Zimmer-esque scores, Göransson does not employ a clear theme-based form. The music here has been composed purely for function. Utilising typical low-brass pulsing and rising dissonant strings, this score doesn’t particularly offer anything new. It does, however, effectively bring tingles to the spines of viewers.

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