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Bespoke soul soundtracks Coca-Cola ad

Coca-Cola is the latest to employ bespoke music in their adverts.


We’ve all seen Coca-Cola’s latest ad. As part of the World’s efforts in reducing waste, Coca-Cola is doing its bit to increase awareness and ensure their bottles are recycled.

The typical Coke ad shows a man and a woman making eyes at each other, and messages are exchanged via a Coke bottle. The ad ends with the man being given a cold reminder to recycle his bottle.

Important message, yes, but what is MORE important is the soundtrack which you may not have particularly noticed. The soulful, feel-good track perfectly sets the mood and it is a bespoke song, written and produced specifically for the ad.

Sadly, Coca-Cola has not released details of the writers or artists. It seems it was made in Coca-Cola’s own Music Production House. This is a great accomplishment for the world of composers, however they also need recognition! We are calling for Coca-Cola to release the names of their talent.

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